Collection: Scented Granules

Discover the beauty of Scented Granules! Infused with amazing colour and fragrance, these salt granules are the perfect alternative to fragrance oil, without any risk of accidents and burns. And if you do accidentally knock over your burner, clean-up will be a breeze - just sweep or vacuum up the granules! Plus, you can even freshen up your hoover or bin with these little crystals. So if you're searching for an easier, safer way to add gorgeous scent to your home or banish unpleasant odours, Simmering Granules will be your answer

How To Use: Just add a few teaspoons of the scented granules to your burner, pop a tea light underneath, and enjoy the wonderful aroma for hours. As the granules heat up, the salt crystals will evaporate the scent into the air while leaving the salt residue in place. Should the granules start to fade, it's a good sign that it's time to change them out. Get multiple burns from each sizzler, and re-apply more granules to the well if you want a powerful smell.