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Moonstone - Scented Granules

Moonstone - Scented Granules

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Experience the refreshing and uplifting scent of our Moonstone scented granules. With zesty notes of citrus verbena, clementine, and grapefruit, it's the perfect addition to your home. Let the calming base of vetiver and dry citrus wash over you as you relax and unwind. Includes moonstone crystal chips inside the jar.

How long do the scented granules last? Usually you get around 4 hours of burn per scoop. 

How To Use - Pour as little or as much as you want into your burner well, Unlike wax melts they wont overflow. We usually recommend 1-2 teaspoons as a way to prolong the use of your supply. Light your T-Light and allow a few moments for the burner the heat up and you should notice the scent flood your room.

Jar holds 250g worth of Scented Granules

Sample pack holds 40g worth of Scented Granules and comes with a spoon


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