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Palo Santo - Room Mist

Palo Santo - Room Mist

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Palo Santo Room Mist Infused with Selenite

Palo Santo room mist is made with Essential Oil, which comes from the wood of the Bursera graveolens tree, which is native to South America. 

The oil has a woody, sweet, and slightly minty aroma. Palo Santo is known for blessing and grounding, along  with its calming effects, promoting feelings of relaxation.

A wonderful addition to your spiritual and meditative practices, as it is believed to help cleanse negative energy and promote a sense of tranquillity and peace. Super for relaxing the brain for a good nights sleep.


Selenite promotes peace, mental clarity, and well-being It helps to lift  negative energy and connect to higher realms. Enhances spiritual growth, opening to new ideas. 

When Spraying your room it is always good to invoke the plant spirit of the Palo Santo to help cleanse the room as well as invoking calm and grounding. Let the power of Palo Santo fill the air with blessings.

How To Use: Shake well before using. Generously mist throughout the air and onto linens and pillows to enjoy the therapeutic scents. Always test first when spraying onto fabrics.

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