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Sacral - Carnelian Crystal - Aura Spray

Sacral - Carnelian Crystal - Aura Spray

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Sacral Chakra - Carnelian - Scented with a rich fragrance to balance the male and female energies, cardamon, amber, leather and jasmine.

Feeling out of balance

  • You will have lower back pain and often problems in the reproductive system and your bladder.
  • It's where your emotions come from so if blocked the emotions showing are anger and the thoughts of being judged all the time. Feeling of loneliness and low libido.

A 30ml glass bottle Infused with Carnelian crystals.

What Are Aura Sprays?

Each Aura Spray works alongside each Chakra clearing any unwanted energies, which may be blocking the chakra from working at its full potential, allowing energies to flow around the body easily and in balance.

Once clear the crystals will enhance any healing needed in that area and then put a protection around this area.

The benefits to having the crystals infused within the Aura Spray are that they  will increase the power and strength of the Aura Spray along with the healing benefits of that crystals for that chakra.

How Do You Use The Aura Sprays?

When feeling out of balance with an area of your body, take your aura spray, which coincides with the chakra and give it a shake then spray about 2 inches from the body in the area of the chakra then around the body as this is the aura where the chakra sits.

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