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Whispering Daisies

Sunny Days - Scented Discs

Sunny Days - Scented Discs

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Our scented Discs are very versatile. You can place one disc in a car diffuser to awaken your senses as it fills your car with Jasmine and orange.

Why not use it in your Hoover and fill your rooms with the fresh clean scent of Sunny Days as you hoover the scent releases its fragrance. Let hoovering be a joy. Each tin contains 10 coloured felt discs. The tin locks the scent in until you need it, keeping each disc perfect and ready to use. Experience the luxury of Sunny Days with our versatile Scented Discs. Transform your daily chores into a sensory escape as you Hoover your home, leaving behind the invigorating fragrance of Jasmine and orange. Each tin holds 10 beautifully crafted felt discs, ensuring that your relaxing experience is always perfectly curated. Embrace the elegance of our product and let the simple act of hoovering become a moment of indulgence.

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